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Helen B

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Date added: 06-28-2014 Clasificación:
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Description : Rocco Siffredi discovers lingerie-clad Asian beauty Inga on the balcony -- wearing a dog leash and hungry for a big cock. Adorable teen Helen joins in the fun; they all go inside for a nasty anal three-way, with face fucking, rimming, ass-to-mouth toys and even a large dildo connecting these sweet bitches at the asshole! When he's done reaming their gaping rectums, Rocco splatters Helen with a load of hot sperm... and Inga licks her pretty friend clean.
Date added: 02-01-2012 Clasificación:
Like 126
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Description : Eager-to-please Eliza is a sweet spinner posing for director Rocco Siffredi in his apartment. He shoves his fingers into the wavy-haired student's butthole and makes her suck his digits clean. She kneels to blow him and gags through a harsh face-fuck. She laps at his balls, her face coated with slobber, then bends over to be rudely sodomized. Eliza's anus dilates, just in time for the arrival of her classmate, Helen. Following an intense session of nasty ass expansion, ass-to-mouth perversion and lewd girl-girl rim jobs, Rocco creams all over Eliza's bare foot... and makes Helen suck her toes clean.