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Date added: 04-02-2014 Rating:
Like 30
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Description : Two beautiful Step-sisters are working together at the Nuru Massage Parlor today, when who should walk in but famous porn star and 'Italian Stallion,' Rocco Siffredi! Now, just as any step-sisters would, they fight over who gets to massage their high-class client. Rocco being the stud he is, makes a very good point. See, he's Italian, and in Italy, girls don't need to fight over who gets to do what, they just share! Rocco sure isn't one to come between the girls, or is he? I'm clearly not the one to tell you what happens next, Rocco takes the reins and steals the show, so let me hand the mic over to Rocco himself as he guides you through his very own first experience at Nuru Massage! Just wait till you see the plan he's got hid up his sleeve for these horny blonde step-sisters!
Categories : Pussy Licking