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Amalia Dominated In Double-Dicking
Sultry, dark-haired Romanian bitch Amalia Patricia is in the mood for man meat. The busty bimbo kneels blindfolded; she uses her talented mouth to pleasure the huge, uncut cocks of two well-hung strangers, Chris Diamond and Figi. The guys take turns eating Amalia's juicy cunt and fucking her face. The fishnet-clad slut enjoys some doggie-style fucking and hard slaps to her round, firm ass. Amalia straddles Figi, passionately riding and sucking his raging member until it erupts in a messy facial finish.
Rocco's Intimate Castings #03

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Date added: 08-16-2016 Length: 00:31:14 Rating:
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Date added: 08-15-2016 Length: 00:27:03 Rating:
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Description : St.Jox is the king of South Central Los Angeles when it comes to black pussy... He knows where & how to find the best black pussy in California and this day would be no different... Julian gave us a call and told us about this ebony bitch named 'MONET' he was gonna film... WOW this mother fucker was not kidding, One hot bitch... One hot scene... Dark meat in the heat of the city... Can you dig it......
Date added: 08-13-2016 Length: 00:14:18 Rating:
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Date added: 08-12-2016 Length: 00:23:02 Rating:
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Date added: 08-08-2016 Length: 00:13:13 Rating:
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Description : You know you're a real dirt bag when you start fucking your friend's grandma. Marianna's daughter introduced her boyfriend to her mom... Not knowing he would find the old lady super sexy and he was happy to know she wanted some good old dirty dick up inside her... Who said grandmas don't like to fuck like the young ladies of yester year....